Paying tribute to some of the Hard Rock and Heavy Metal illustration heroes of the 80/90s by bringing to the market the untouched covers with the same look and feel as art prints of famous artists like Van Gogh or Picasso.


With our excellent connections, we have access to lots of original rock/metal covers. The paintings have been recently digitalzed with modern techniques. The prints will have high detail quality and be produced in offset printing technique on 170g/m2 "Profimatt" paper.


Here some examples:

Illustrator: Adrian Chesterman

Band: Motörhead

LP: "Bomber"

Year: 1979

Art print size: 68x63cm

Illustrator: Michael Whelan

Band: Sepultura

LP: "Arise"

Year: 1991

Art print size: 66x60cm

Illustrator: Gred Hildebrandt

Band: Black Sabbath

LP: "Mob Rules"

Painting title: "Mob Crucifiers"

Year: 1971 (LP released 1981)

Art print size: 60x68cm

Illustrator: Andreas Marschall

Band: Blind Guardian

LP: "Somewhere far Beyond"

Year: 1992

Art print size: 66x61cm

Illustrator: Philip Lawvere

Band: Celtic Frost

EP: "Emperor's Return"

Painting title: "Three Witches"

Year: 1984

Art print size: 75x70cm

Illustrator: Len Rooney

Band: Annihilator

LP: "Alice in Hell"

Year: 1989

Art print size: 65x60cm